Mrs. Robinson

Welcome to GMS Art with Mrs. Robinson

Greencastle Middle School art is a one semester class taken by students in grades 6-8.
Our focus is on building foundational skills in 2D and 3D art,
and fostering a love for and appreciation of the role of art in our lives and in our community.


ceramics studentsstudent drawingstudents paintingstudent making artworkstudent making artwork

Students in all grades construct sketchbooks. These are used for writing and drawing each day of the semester. We start with cereal boxes, old magazines, wallpaper scraps, and away we go! Wow. I am always so proud of the kids and amazed at how well these turn out!
Students sew the pages together to create "signatures". The signatures are then glued to the spine. The result is a beautiful, professional looking book and a lot of very proud students.