Course Overview

Course:  Studio Art 6/7/8

Teacher:  Mrs. Amy Robinson, Room 210

Contact information:  phone 653-9774 ext. 327   email

Course Description:  The studio art program at GMS is based on the Indiana State Academic Standards for Visual Art. We will focus on both art history and the use of a variety of art media and techniques as time allows. My classroom is structured so that students can learn new skills and express age appropriate creativity.


1.      #2 pencils – pencils will be kept in the art room; each student is asked to donate 3 pencils

2.      Laptop charged and ready to go; charging cord and case to be with the laptop at all times

3.      Positive attitude and willingness to try new things

4.      Black Sharpie marker – each student is asked to donate 1 Package of Sharpies to be used in class

Rules:  Students are expected to comply with all school rules as described in their student handbook. Art room rules are:

1.      RESPECT each other and yourself. EXPECT me to be respectful, kind, considerate and helpful because I also expect this of you. All substitute teachers and school personnel are also expected to be treated with respect.

2.      Use supplies and materials as demonstrated; laptop for art curriculum only.

3.      Bring an open mind, and a willingness to try new things EVERY DAY.

4.      Leave things cleaner than you found them; no one wants to use messy or ruined supplies.

5.      Be creative within the structure of the project (more on this in the grading section)

6.      Talking during studio work time is permitted to the extent that it is not disruptive to others or your own progress. 

7.      Mrs. Robinson dismisses you from class. The bell is her reminder to dismiss you.

Consequences:  Students are awarded 1 merit point daily. Coming to class prepared and meeting expectations will result in 5 extra points being awarded each week. Parents can easily check their student’s preparedness and behavior by checking these merit point totals on Harmony. This is the quickest and easiest way to see how things are progressing in art class. Points are deducted for disruptive behavior, not following procedures, or for not completing work as assigned.

Important procedures:

1.      Arrive before bell rings and have materials at seat ready to go.

2.      Voices off as soon as bell rings.

3.      Follow instructions for projects and take care of materials.

4.      Clean up well and push in chair after dismissal.

Anything that takes away from a positive experience will result first with a verbal reminder. Failure to comply with a second verbal reminder will result in a contact with you, the parent, via a written assignment for the student to complete with your signature.  Future misbehavior or extra misbehavior may result in AFTER SCHOOL DETENTION.

Homework/Sketchbook: Most of our major projects will be completed in class so attendance is very important. Students will be making a sketchbook sometime during the first two week of class. The sketchbook will be used daily and it will stay at school. Students will be photographing their own artwork and uploading it to the “Artsonia” web site. Parents can use this site to keep up with what we are accomplishing in the studio portion of this course by logging on and entering their unique password. In addition to studio artwork, there will be four tests over art history during the semester as well as a few quizzes. Expect occasional homework and please help your student study for the art history test. (It’s actually fun!)

Missed days:  Our projects don’t lend themselves to being transported back and forth between home and school and most of us don’t own all the art materials we would need to complete them. Every effort should be made to be at school. Make up time can be negotiated during REACH or after school in extreme circumstances.

Grades: Grades in art are frequently misunderstood. Some argue that creative expression can’t really be “graded” BUT we can grade the understanding of specific concepts being taught as they are expressed in artwork. For each project I will supply a rubric that lists the main concepts and skills that I am looking for. Students will know ahead of time what is expected, and for the most part every student is capable of earning whatever passing grade they choose through their behavior and participation. Much depends upon their willingness to try, and their ability to work as part of a team that shows kindness and respect for others. Points will be given for daily behavior (Merit Points mentioned previously), for completed projects, in-class exercises and bell work, occasional quizzes, and the art history tests.

Portfolios: Artwork will be returned to students at the end of the semester. This will allow the students to see their progress over time.