7th Grade, Mrs. Brown

   My name is Mrs. Brown, and I am very excited to be joining the GMS team this year. I am from the south side of Indianapolis and graduated from Franklin Central High School. I went on to attend IUPUI and graduated last May with a Bachelors in Biology. I am currently a Woodrow Wilson Fellow working towards obtaining a Masters in education. 

   I am engaged to an awesome fireman and will be getting married in September. So, my name will be changing to Mrs. Brown here shortly. We have two wonderfully crazy dogs, and we enjoy walking them in different parks around the state in our free time. One interesting fact about myself is that I was on a competitive jump rope team and ranked 12th in the nation for single rope in the 12 and under category.  


My philosophy of education is focused on creating an interactive environment where the students feel welcomed and safe. I believe that the learning process varies from student to student, and to reach each student, a teacher must be flexible in their methods to promote student learning. To create an interactive environment, various activities will be used so the class is not the same every day. I will use hands-on activities to reinforce concepts, and I will use projects to promote inquiry and self-discovery. While doing this, large group discussions will occur where students will be respectful of one another and value their ideas. Throughout the course of the year, students will learn how to solve problems and how science is relevant to everyday life. Our classroom will promote critical thinking to achieve academic success so that our students can contribution to our changing global society.


 It truly is a great day to be a tiger cub!