Business and Information Technology 7th Syllabus

Business and Information Technology - Middle Level course(s) provides concepts and applications that facilitate the development of competencies required for success in all academic areas and in real-world contexts. The curriculum relates closely to understandings and competencies students will need as their world expands and as they develop career interests. The four broad areas included in this curriculum are technology, career exploration, personal finance/economics, and entrepreneurship. In 7th grade, we will be concentrating on the technology component. You will explore the other parts of the curriculum in 8th grade.



  • Concepts and Operations:  Students demonstrate functional understanding of technology concepts, systems, and their interactivity, and use hardware and software components and understand the use of input and output devices.
  • Tool for Creativity, Innovation, and Productivity, Research: Students use technology as a tool to enhance learning and creativity and to increase productivity in developing their projects, and gather, evaluate, use, and cite information from computer technology sources.
  • Digital Citizenship: Students integrate technology in a social, legal, ethical, and safe manner to be lifelong digital citizens.

*Keyboarding (
*Understanding Computer Components/Vocabulary
*Operating Systems
*Web Apps and The Cloud
*Google Drive
*Web 2.0 Tools

Information Literacy & Digital Citizenship

*Internet Safety/Security
*Evaluating Resources
*Ethical Behavior Online
*Copyright and Plagiarism
*Citing Reliable Resources
*Research Skills

MATERIALS REQUIRED: We will not use a book for this course; however I would like you to purchase a folder for this class. I also would like you to bring a pen/pencil to class every day. You will also be required to bring your iPad to class daily. The majority of your assignments and activities will be available on your iPad.

HOMEWORK:The majority of your assignments will be done during class time; therefore you will rarely have homework.


  • Be on-time, on-task, and prepared to learn EVERYDAY
  • Respect the teacher the classroom and other students
  • Be responsible for your own learning
  • Personal electronics (Ipad, cell phone, etc) for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY!!

I will also follow the 2016-2017 Greencastle School District Student Cell Phone Policy.  Upon entering Greencastle school building, you are expected to turn your cell phone off and place them out of sight. During school hours, cell phones must be kept in your cubical/locker at all times and should never be used. Any cell phone seen, heard, or used during the school day will be confiscated by an adult, turned into building administration and returned only to a parent/guardian. Students in violation of the cell phone policy will also be subject to serving a Wednesday School detention.


Strike 1=Warning, Strike 2=Write Up and Parent Notification, Strike 3=Student sent to office. Any major discipline issues will be referred directly to Ms.Christopher.

REMEMBER: You determine YOUR GRADE! Please treat everyone with respect. I hope you enjoy the class. 

“Respect is learned, earned, and returned.” Anonymous