7th Grade, Mrs. Lucas



 About Mrs. Lucas: 

I love math and am lucky to get to teach 7th grade math with Ms. Hamilton as well as teach my own 7th and 8th grade math classes. I also love to read and write so I truly enjoy my time teaching with Ms. Stout in 7th grade Language Arts.

I graduated from Indiana State University in 2012 and have been teaching ever since. I've taught at New Market Elementary as
 a Title One Reading teacher and at Rensselaer Central Middle School as a 7th grade developmental studies teacher before coming to Greencastle Middle School in 2014. 

Mr and Mrs Lucas

More about Me: 

I am married to Mr. Lucas, who is a social studies teacher. We have two daughters, Maren and Lena. We also have a dog named Gabby (pictured below). I grew up on a farm and love the outdoors and animals. 


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