About RtI

In School | by Losttrekker

Mrs. Isaacs

Language Arts RTI


Welcome to your Language Arts skills class!  RTI means Response to Intervention, but I prefer to think of it as, “Really Talented Individuals!”  I am your academic coach, and I will help train you to improve your language arts skills in this class.

Here is what you need for my class every day:

  • iPad.  Please be sure to turn off the posted apps, and remember...NO GAMES.  You will need your headphones/earbuds several days a week as well.  You will have the option of keeping those in here, or you may bring them as they are needed.
  • Writing utensils.  I don’t care if you use pen or pencil, but if you make a lot of mistakes in spelling, a pencil is probably a really good idea.
  • A notebook or folder of paper that you can use for ONLY my class.  We will actually store those in here, so it’s important to have one you don’t need anywhere else.
  • A book to read of your choosing.  My superpower is helping people find books they like (or at least don’t hate), so we will spend some time in the library if you are having trouble.
  • Assignment Notebook. This is your "Get Out of Jail Free" card. You can't go to your locker or the restroom without it.