​Help us at GMS help you.  If you have a concern with...

a teacher? 
​Contact the individual teacher then Mr. Weltz, Principal.

​a classroom rule/policy/procedure/consequence?  ​Contact the individual teacher then Ms. Cupp, Assistant Principal.

​a classroom assignment?  ​Contact the individual teacher then Mr. Weltz, Principal.

​a building rule/policy/procedure/consequence?  ​Contact Ms. Cupp Assistant Principal.

​an attendance issue?  Contact Mrs. Lamb, Attendance Secretary then Ms. Cupp, Assistant Principal.

​parking or driving procedures?  Contact Ms. Cupp, Assistant Principal.

​a coach?  ​Contact the individual coach, then Mr. Greenlee, GHS Athletic Director, then Mr. Weltz,

a bus driver?  Contact the individual bus driver then Mr. Clearwaters, Director of Transportation, 
then Ms. Cupp, Assistant Principal.

cafeteria finances?  Contact Mrs. Zaring, Cafeteria Manager the contact Ms. Carrico, Food Services Director.

health issue/wellness policy?  Contact Mrs. Shuee, Nurse then Mr. Weltz, Principal.

teasing/bullying/harassing?  Contact a grade level teacher or Mrs. Dunn, Director of Guidance or Ms. Handy, Guidance Counselor then Ms. Cupp, Assistant Principal.

your child's general mood or behavior?  Mrs. Dunn, Director of Guidance or Ms. Handy,
Guidance Counselor.

a threat of violence?  Contact Ms. Cupp, Assistant Principal or Mr. Weltz, Principal.

Attendance Reporting

1.  When your child is absent from school parents/guardians must call the school at 653.9774 extension 301 to notify the school on the day of the absence.

These calls can be made 24 hours a day and left on the school's voice mail.  If no call is received by 9:00 AM, School Messenger Iphone .pngwill call all contact numbers associated with your child in the computer system.  If a contact number changes throughout the year, parents/guardians need to contact the school.

Parents/Guardians who have no phone should communicate by hand-written note, which must accompany the student on his/her return to school.  Students have 24 hours upon returning to school to change an unexcused absence to an excused absence.  Please acquire a note from the doctor at the time of the appointment and return it to the office.

2.  When reporting an absence, please state the student's name, the reason for the absence and the name of the person placing the call.

--Mrs. Lamb, Attendance Secretary

Bus PassesSchool Bus.png

When requesting a bus pass for a student to ride another bus home the following information is very helpful:
  • Where your student is going (friend's house, grandparents, etc.).
  • The address to where your student is going.
  • The phone number to where your student is going.
  • It would be great if you knew the number of the bus that your student would be riding.

    We receive several requests for bus passes every day.  This information helps us complete bus passes quickly.