Welcome to Greencastle Middle School

Dear GMS Family,

Welcome to the Greencastle Middle School website and GMS. We are excited to partner with you in educating your student during the middle school years. Oftentimes when I share with others that I get to work with 11-14 year olds, I get a very sympathetic look and an, "I'm so sorry." However, I absolutely love this age! Our students are just young enough to enjoy learning by taking risks and having fun, and are also in the process of figuring out what it means to be a young adult.

While 20-21 marks my fifth year as GMS Principal, it is my twenty-sixth year in education. Not all of it has been with middle schoolers. I enjoyed working with both middle school and high school students as a teacher, athletic director, assistant principal, technology integrator, and now principal. I've also coached several teams over the years in soccer, wrestling, and track.

During these three middle school years, you will see your student grow up fast. At times, you'll ask yourself how much you will try to stay on top of everything they are doing and when to start giving them less supervision and more autonomy. There's no secret formula for knowing how to navigate this, but I do provide this advice. Think of middle school being a roller coaster, and you're the seatbelt. Stay connected to what they are doing. They may not act like they care, but they do!

To help you stay connected, please remember to reach out to us whenever the need arises. First and foremost, don't hesitate to email your student's teacher. Our teachers are fantastic and want to work with you to help your student learn. Additionally, please feel free to email or call anyone in our office team.

Yours in education,

Scott Weltz, Principal

(765) 653-9774